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Grand Theft Auto VI Releases In 2025 On PlayStation 5

The Sixth Major Video Game In The Grand Theft Auto Franchise Is Well Underway And So Is The Release Date. Get Ready For 2025


FEBRUARY 6, 2023


After years of waiting and having this game trend for absolutely no reason at all countless times. Seriously, nothing would be happening. Nothing. No information at all and still, Grand Theft Auto 6 will be trending worldwide along with Rockstar Games for absolutely no reason. The wait is finally, almost over. Almost.

Grand Theft Auto VI (or “Grand Theft Auto 6” if you prefer) is scheduled to be officially announced by Rockstar Games during the tenth anniversary of Grand Theft Aut0 V in Fall 2023, before being released on PlayStation 5 in 2025 and PC platforms in 2026. We will have more updates in the future regarding what we’re all actually waiting for (Marvel’s Spider-Man 2) exclusively on Vanity Fair.

All products featured on Vanity Fair are independently selected by Spider-Man fans. However, if you don’t get to preorder the most expensive Collector’s Editions for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 because you did not pay attention to Vanity Fair, don’t blame us. That’s on you. We’ve prepared all Spider-Man fans in every universe for this exact moment

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