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Kingdom Hearts 4 And Final Fantasy Release Schedule Revealed

Hold Up… Let Him Cook


FEBRUARY 1, 2023


Almost three years since the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tony Stark has returned with exclusive information about the franchise. After the release of Final Fantasy XVI this Summer on June 22, 2023, Stark has revealed the release timeframe for the second part in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Mr. Stark exclusively revealed the information from Earth-091523, confirming the January 2024 scheduled release for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The Avenger previously revealed a Winter timeframe in 2022, before the official announcement, however, Stark stated this was due to release in “Winter 2022.” Iron Man has since updated this statement with a solid January 2024 release month.


The new doesn’t stop there though. Almost a year since the official announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV, Tony Stark has stated the fifteenth instalment (we recommend you remember that number) in the franchise will finally be released in 2024. Kingdom Hearts IV is the beginning of the “Lost Master” story arc, and residents of Earth-1218 should expect some new worlds from other universes to explore next year. 


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