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First Details On PlayStation 6

Sony’s Next Generation Console Is The PlayStation 6 And It Releases Worldwide In Late 2027


MARCH 2, 2023



Development of Sony’s next generation video game console began even before the release of PlayStation 5, as the juggernaut company discussed what was next after the current generation console had shipped and the hyped had long died down, when people finally realised that there were no actual games worth playing on the system for the first three years, which is why they made it paramount that the majority of PlayStation 4 games were playable on the console from day one, a brilliant distraction from there being only mediocre experiences available on the platform until what we’re really waiting for, finally launches in Fall 2023. Extremely clever marketing. This is something Tony Stark warned us about all the way back in 2020. If only we had just listened and paid attention to him. Maybe we will learn our lesson this time around. Now that PlayStation 5 is actually almost worth owning, we now have details about the next-generation console from Sony Interactive Entertainment. What a coincidence. It’s almost like this multi-billionaire company meticulously planned this on purpose several years in advance to generate as much awareness as possible and prepare PlayStation 6, whilst everyone was distracted by PlayStation 5. Oh wait… they did.

Let’s get straight to it then. PlayStation 6 will enable high-speed 8K graphics up to 240 frames per second, improved 3D Audio will be a paramount feature of the next generation console, going beyond the technical limitations of PlayStation 5.

The next generation PlayStation is currently in development from Sony Interactive Entertainment and at present, there are no plans to release a model with an optical disc drive. The next generation PlayStation will will utilise true 8K gaming and will not exceed the recommended retail price (RRP) of $599.

PlayStation 6 will support cloud gaming, and will be backward compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games, as well as thousands of PlayStation Legacy titles from 1994 via PlayStation Plus.

The consoles will support a range of technological features that are currently in development at launch, and will utilize these features to achieve cutting-edge performance in gaming. These features include Bluetooth 6, Wi-Fi 7 and true 8K gaming at 60 frames per second with improved Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and enhanced ray-tracing capabilities.

Mark Cerny is the Lead System Architect for PlayStation 6, as he was for the two preceding consoles. The console is still in development at Sony Interactive Entertainment, however, here are current, targeted specifications that are planned to be implemented at launch for PlayStation 6 in 2027.

  • 8K Gaming At 120 Frames Per Second With Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)
  • 2 Nanometre PlayStation Custom Design Chip
  • Enhanced Ray-Tracing Capabilities
  • AMD FreeSync Compatibility
  • Dolby Atmos Support
  • Custom PCIe 7.0 NVMe SSD
  • PCIe 7.0 M.2 SSD Storage Expansion
  • Custom AMD RDNA CPU
  • Custom AMD RDNA GPU
  • Backward Compatible With Selected PS4 & PS5 Titles
  • Access to Thousands Of PlayStation Legacy Titles Released From 1994 Onwards Via PlayStation Plus

PlayStation 6 will be the most backward compatible console in the history of PlayStation at launch, with the ability to access over six thousand PlayStation games released from 1994 on PlayStation Plus. PlayStation 6 is currently scheduled to release worldwide in November 2027 at a current target price of $599.

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