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Tony Stark Announces Retirement

The Avenger Has Officially Announced His Retirement After His Final Event And Final Announcement Of Marvel’s Wolverine


MARCH 17, 2023


Tony Stark has officially retired. After an entire day event from Tony Stark, where he highlighted individuals who are less able to defend themselves and often go through traumatic experiences in a series of extremely unsettling, disturbing, eery and at times, shocking commercials, Mr. Stark finally announced new details of what we’ve all been waiting for. At what was described as his final event and final announcement he will ever make, Tony Stark announced that the admantium-clawed Mutant himself, Wolverine will be introduced to fans across all universes in 2025.

Marvel’s Wolverine is an emotionally driven experience with a cutting-edge narrative you are simply not prepared for. Vanity Fair learns exclusively from Empire State Photographic Department and Social News Collective that Marvel’s Wolverine is set to have a very mature feel and is not for the faint of heart. We look forward to sharing more in the very near future and want to take this opportunity to bid farewell to Tony Stark, who officially announced his retirement earlier today.

Marvel’s Wolverine is the final announcement from Iron Man, as he told the world there will be no further announcements from him at all. It’s been a long journey and part of the journey is the end. Citizens of Earth-1218 remember Tony Stark for announcing and launching critical games such as The Last of Us Part II and the PlayStation 5 consoles themselves all the way back in 2020, several months and even more than a year before there official releases. We certainly have Tony Stark to thank for allowing us all to obtain a PlayStation 5 console as well as highly anticipated video games. He clearly was ahead of everyone else in the entire industry.

A few fans have wondered if it’s possible for “the next Iron Man” to present himself and who that would even be as Tony Stark indefinitely rids himself from the armor. Many fans however are convinced that there will never be anyone like Iron Man again, as the so-called “insiders” simply don’t have what it takes, and as usual have no idea what they are doing. We at Vanity Fair agree. It looks like it’s going to be extremely boring without Iron Man to guide us, as it was before we were even aware of his presence before 2019, and has continued to be for over two years before his epic return. At lest we have the final announcement and the new details of Marvel’s Wolverine to look forward to.

Farewell Tony Stark and from all of us here at Vanity Fair…


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